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Sep 11

EFT For Scotland, EFT For Freedom…or Not

  Oh flower of Scotland…. Would you walk 5,000 miles….for independence? Well it’s more for voting and making a decision. Scotland is voting today, on whether they should be part of the United Kingdom or a separate country. Many people will not vote. But what if you can’t decide how to vote…do this. Begin with …

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Nov 13

EFT- I’m Afraid Still!

Oh I’ve been having fun with my I’m afraid tapping as mentioned in my last post. It’s just been incredible for me to see what comes up. How’s it going with you? Things I’ve tapped on over the last few days: I’m afraid of winning. I’m afraid of being shouted again. I’m afraid of earning …

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Nov 11

EFT – I’m Afraid and You Are Too!

I recently heard whilst watching a video that if you don’t have something that you want, you’re afraid of what you want or you have a block to actually wanting it.I’m sure you’ve heard people saying you’re either afraid of failure or afraid of success. Have you ever noticed how many of these phrases, you …

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