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Stop Smoking In 90 Days Or Less

Are You A Smoker or a Smokeless Tobacco User?

Stop Killing Yourself In Less Than 2 Minutes Per Day With A Breakthrough Technique That Others Are Already Calling An “Unparalleled Phenomenon…”

Think it’s impossible? It’s a reality that thousands of others have already experienced, and now I’ll show you how you get the same results for yourself in a matter of days….

You Only Need 2 Things: An Open Mind And The Desire To Extinguish Your Vice Forever

But Before We Get To All of That; Pop Quiz:

It’s 6am And You’ve Just Poured Your First Cup Of Coffee…

The kids are still fast asleep in bed, your better half is in the shower

It’s that lovely moment of twilight before the world slowly rouses from it’s dreamy state

You Let Out A Deep Contented Sigh; This Moment’s Just For You…

So How Will Choose To Spend It?

  • You could take your coffee and paper or tablet and sit quietly on the porch, listening to the call of the birds as the sleepy world comes to life before your eyes.
  • You could take the time to prepare a fresh breakfast for the family you cherish, rousing your loved ones to the alluring aromas of scrambled eggs and crisp bacon.
  • You could get outside and take a brisk walk, start your day out right; maybe even take the dog along with you.

You Could Do Any Number Of Things, But Instead, Bleary-eyed And Sleepy, Your Hand Naturally Gravitates Over To Benign-Looking Yet Lethal Cardboard Box Wrapped in Shiny Cellophane.

God, the first one is always so good; you’ve looked forward to it since just before bed

Well, you still have some time, might as well have another…

You start to feel disgusted with yourself, maybe even a little dry coughing.

You know all the reasons you should quit, and you’ve tried all the fads..

The commercials and billboards everywhere remind you of the very real, very fatal hazards of smoking

But yet you do it anyway…

But damn it, you love it! Quitting feels impossible and you cling to your secret wish that you possess some inhuman strength and immunity to the countless illnesses that can befall you from smoking

But the truth is, you know how the smell of stale tobacco lingers on everything…

It’s in your hair, on your clothes, on your furniture and your kids’ clothes if you smoke inside the house or car

You know firsthand how awful that smell is from those few brief days, or weeks, or maybe even years when you were able to quit in the past.

And it follows you everywhere you go, to work, to the post office, the bank, and the grocery store

Smoking Sends A Very Clear Message To The World About Who You Are

Reeking of tobacco tells people you don’t care about your health and have even less regard for the health of those around you…

Second-hand smoke has been proven to be just as deadly as inhaling those deadly cigarette chemicals directly.

It’s basically a big “up yours” to the rest of the world, like you’re saying “I don’t care about your health or your kids…my own needs are more important”

And wake up in a haze, just a little sick.

You’re Embarrassed By Your Behavior
But Feel Powerless to Stop

Statistically, you know putting down your cigarettes is harder than kicking heroin…

Besides the fact that you’re basically paying some huge corporate conglomerate to poison you slowly, one toxic craving at a time…the very thought of it makes your stomach lurch…

Perhaps You Weren’t Up To My Pack And A Half Daily Habit;
But If Any Of These Sound Like You, I Can Help:

  • “The Social Smoker”, you carelessly pick up a pack of smokes en route to the bar on a weekend night…
  • “The Boredom Smoker”, Meh, it’s mindless but bumming one or two from a coworker gets you out of the office for 15 minutes a few times a day and secretly you relish those deadly little cancer sticks
  • “The Closet Smoker”, you think nobody knows! You keep mints, lotion, and cologne with you everywhere you go…you’d be devastated if anybody ever found out!

The Truth Is That Perfume Is Just Like The Government; It’s Usually Covering Up Something Foul…

Smoking Is Killing You And Those Around You, Even Your Children And Loved Ones, And You Don’t Know How To Stop…

If you’ve read this far into my letter it’s because you can admit you have a problem…

It’s affecting your health and the health of those nearest and dearest to you. Not to mention the message it sends to your young, impressionable children to whom you’re a role model, about how it’s ok to abuse your body and take your precious life for granted.

You have two options: quit now or likely die a slow, and agonizing death from your addiction, leaving your family to fend for themselves and the mountain of debt you’ve incurred…

I know it sounds cruel, but this is the truth, and you already know it deep in your heart.

But it’s not that simple, right? You’ve tried everything from gums to patches and classes and everything in-between.

Perhaps your company or facility has gone smoke-free or refuses to insure you while you remain a smoker, despite its deadly consequences…

You’ve even tried those expensive prescriptions that come with the terrifying side effects, including involuntary thoughts of suicide…

The Whole Thing Seems Like A Pointless Exercise In Futility…

You might make it a month or two without one of those carcinogenic confections but eventually something happens and you cave…maybe it’s pressure at work, or stress at home, or maybe you’ve just had one too many and the cravings become overwhelming…

You feel the devastating blows of failure. You don’t want to put your family through the trauma of a serious illness or early death that could’ve been easily avoided.

I Was Convinced I Was Going To Be A Lifelong Smoker…

Every morning, without fail, I woke to the sound of a clanging alarm and stood impatiently and half-conscious in front of the coffee pot, cigarette and lighter already in hand.

At work my eyes were constantly trained on the clock, watching as those excruciating minutes slowly ticked by. How much longer until lunch? I couldn’t bear the thought of another minute going by without inhaling the sweet intoxication of my favorite brand…

My kids looked at me in disgust, my car smelled like an ashtray, and my teeth were starting to yellow and I was paying for all of this…

It Was Beginning To Affect My Social Life Too…An Attractive New Co-Worker Caught My Attention But I Saw The All-Too-Familiar Sneer Of Disgust When I Passed By On My Way Back In From Lunch…

People were always sharing their opinions with me on the subject, “Did I know how unhealthy smoking was?”

No enlighten me, I’d think to myself…but deep down, I was ashamed.

That’s About The Same Time I Was Introduced To Something That Would Alter My Life Forever…

A friend of mine had recently gone through a crippling divorce, and as a show of support I’d been accompanying her to Self Help Seminars and Conferences on Mental Wellness…

And even though I was there under the false pretense that I was just tagging along for support, I was miserable in my own life too.

I lived and breathed around my addiction; The temperature could be freezing and there could be a blizzard, but I’d still be outside in the cold, shivering and puffing away. I spent hundreds of dollars a month on cigarettes, thousands a year…money I spent poisoning myself that could’ve easily become a vacation fund or be put aside for the kids’ college…

Those ridiculous death sticks were controlling my life…

My Insanity Had Finally Risen Higher Than My Wall Of Denial, Forcing Me To Get Honest About My Addiction.

I was sick and tired of making the same mistake over and over again, sick and tired of the stigma of “Smoker” that clung to me like the trail of stale tobacco that lingered behind me everywhere I went.

Smoking was just the most obvious area of my life where this was true, but if I took a good, hard look at myself there were so many things that would have to change if I wanted to be truly happy…

I Was Hopeless And Helpless Before I Learned About Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT)

So just like many Saturdays before, I found myself at the Expo Center with my friend. As I recall, I was actually grinding my teeth while thinking about when the next break would be, so that I could go have a cigarette. The Practitioner began to explain the science behind this weird thing called “EFT,” and suddenly I found myself leaning forward in the uncomfortable, metal folding chair and nodding along with the points she made. This was exactly what I had been waiting for, that opportunity to start making some real positive changes in my life.

After the presentation, I purchased a CD by Brad Yates and I set out to try out EFT and “tapping” for myself.

It suddenly seemed so clear…the answers to my chronic failure, my chronic unhappiness. They were all within my power to control. EFT was the tool I would use to start living my life in the here and now…and not in the endless stream of Self-Defeating Babble between my ears

If I Told You That You Already Possess The Power To Quit Smoking And Completely Change Your Life In 2 Minutes, You’d Look At Me Like I Had 3 Heads, Right?

Can’t say I’d blame you either, I was becoming a bit of cynic at this point too…

I’d sat through conference after conference while “supporting” my friend, hoping that each new technique would be my saving grace…and some of them even produced some short-term results…but nothing like what I so desperately needed…

But What Did I Have To Lose?

That’s right, Nothing.

So…I gave it a try.

EFT is based on the simple premise that our present state is an effect of our past behaviors.

Does this make sense? Your past is what has brought you to this present…so doesn’t it reasonably follow that if our past dictates our present, our present will dictate our future?

Are you still following me? What we do in the HERE and NOW greatly AFFECTS the outcome of our FUTURE.

Now let’s take just a minute…this is a mind-blowing concept, give take a few seconds to absorb everything:

If you follow the scientific process that constitutes EFT, you can truly become the Master of Your Fate.

EFT is nothing more than a proven method that gives YOU the power to “tap” into your own inner voice, allowing you for the first time to be aware of your true feelings, motivations, and state of mind.

Most of us walk around day-after-day with this ceaseless negative inner monologue. We don’t mean to be this way, it’s just the way it is; BUT IT DOESN’T HAVE TO BE…

Emotional Freedom Techniques allow you to get in touch with that onslaught of self-criticism and change the very way that we THINK.

EFT allows you to loosen that Kung Fu grip on your psyche and start letting go of all that negative energy – You actually feel it as it leaves your body, and become flooded with the peace and serenity that only an unburdened heart and mind can provide.

What’s even better, you can practice EFT in minutes, no matter where you are. It’s that simple, and nobody will be any the wiser…that is until they start to notice those changes that are beginning to happen in your life for the better.

What’s So Different About EFT?
It Actually Delivers Real-Life, Thoroughly Documented Results

If you’re truly ready to take control of your life, your health, and your smoking, you will be able to do so IMMEDIATELY with EFT. Consider…

  • The two most important things in life are your health and self-respect. Without these things, you have nothing…with EFT you’ll be able to regain both quickly and easily.
  • True or False: A mere 20 minutes after your last cigarette is all it takes for your blood pressure and heart rate to drop. A day later the carbon monoxide poisoning you’ve been chronically exposing yourself to can finally dissipate. COMPLETELY TRUE! AND ALSO COMPLETELY WITHIN YOUR GRASP!
  • Want peace of mind for you and your family? After 3 months smoke -free your circulation and lung function improve, drastically reducing the likelihood of serious smoking-related illness.
  • Stop spending over $2000 per year on a slow suicide. If you’re a pack a day smoker spending $5.50 per pack, that’s EXACTLY what you’re doing.
  • Don’t run the risk of skyrocketing health insurance premiums or denial for pre-existing conditions.
  • And free yourself from the fears and burdens of smoking related cancer treatments which, even with health insurance, can add up to millions of dollars.

These risks and rewards are EXACTLY what my program was designed for:

Quit Smoking For Good In Less Than 3 Months
(Through The Power of EFT Tapping)

My program gives you:

  • Everything you need to know about the genuine, breakthrough science of EFT tapping brought to you in a convenient and immediate digital download…get started in minutes!
  • A thorough and comprehensive guide to Emotional Freedom Techniques, including exactly what EFT is, what it entails, and how it works – so you can get started today and immediately reclaim your life.
  • The single most effective method to harness the power of EFT. This program is over five hours long and encompasses everything you need to change your life forever.
  • The freedom to “tap” anywhere and everywhere, transforming who you are and how you feel without drawing any unnecessary or embarrassing attention to yourself.

Don’t limit yourself! The possibilities with tapping are endless!

The greatest part of EFT Tapping is that it can literally be applied to any issue you’re experiencing in your life…

Torn and depressed over a relationship that ended long ago? “TAP”

Anxious over a big date or work presentation? “TAP, TAP”

Hate your 9-5 but scared to venture out on your own? “TAP, TAP, TAP”

It’s all within your control, with EFT Tapping you’ll learn how to align yourself…to be truly in touch with your heart’s desires.

That’s the basic truth behind EFT: All you have to do is give yourself permission to be happy – to live a life you love! It’s a principle as old as time, remember what Glinda the Good Witch told Dorothy at the end? “You’ve had the power all along, you just had to BELIEVE!”

That’s what my EFT program will teach you…

You’ll never need to shell out cash for Dr. Phil’s latest book or even worse, to pay thousands for an expensive therapist.

It’s Not Black Magic And It’s Not Some Made-Up Mumbo Jumbo:
EFT Had The Power To Change My Life, And It Can Change Yours Too

In fact, I personally guarantee it.

satisfaction-guarantee– Buy now –

“My Crazy 60 Day Guarantee”

In fact, I guarantee it.

When you get this program today, you’ll have 60 days to see for yourself if EFT really works.

If you decide it’s not for you, or don’t start seeing results right away, I’ll immediately refund your purchase.

So there is absolutely no risk on your behalf…


When you get my program today, you have 60 days to experience the life-altering benefits of Emotional Freedom Techniques.

If you are in anyway dissatisfied with your investment, I’ll refund your money immediately…no questions asked, because I am THAT CONFIDENT that this method works.

So what’s stopping you? You are incurring absolutely no risk….

Except letting the key to a happy, healthy, smoke-free life you’ve always dreamed of slip through your fingers.

Stop Paying Thousands Of Dollars To Poison Yourself Slowly
With Cigarettes And Smokeless Tobacco
And Change Your Life For The Better, All In One Fell Swoop…

Just think about what freedom from cigarettes would mean for you, for your family…

To Stop Wheezing, Chronic Bronchitis, And to Prevent Fatal Illnesses Like Cancer, COPD, And CHF.

To be able to walk, or even run a mile…

I owe my life to EFT and now I have the opportunity to give you the very same gift.

I can show you how to “tap” quickly and discreetly from anywhere, and to change your whole life in the process.

So instead of spending money on nicotine replacement therapy that doesn’t work….

Or worse yet, spare yourself and your family the crippling financial strains of cancer treatment, which is currently the #1 cause of bankruptcy…whether with or without medical insurance.

Or worst of all, the emotional toll it will take on your loved ones to watch you suffer or diet at the hands of a disease that could have been PREVENTED.

Today I am willing to make you this special offer:

As a special introductory price, you can get
How To Stop Smoking In 90 Days for only $51.70

  • You’ll then have access to a digital download, where you can instantly put the entire program onto your computer, iPhone, or mp3 player.
  • The product is offered through Clickbank, one of the safest and most-respected resources for buying information products, so you can be assured you’re making a safe investment.
  • Plus, you’ll be covered by that 60 day risk-free guarantee, so if you’re not satisfied for any reason, you can let me know and I’ll immediately refund everything.
  • And most importantly, You’ll be investing in the single most effective technique to quit smoking, and taking full control of every aspect of your life, once and for all.

You are not doomed to a life of addiction and misery…it’s a conscious decision and it’s up to you…

Take action today, and you can start experiencing results within 24 hours.

If you’ve read this far, you know that it’s because you need to make a change…

I’m here, and I’m waiting to help you, but you have to take that first step.



Andrew Wilkie

P.S. Think about what you’ll be passing up if you don’t get this risk-free program today; freedom from your negative compulsions, freedom from harmful addictions, and the freedom to start living your life to the fullest.

P.P.S. Don’t forget that a risk-free guarantee truly means you have nothing to worry about. The sale is handled through Click Bank, and they’re simply the best when it comes to giving refunds. If you’re not entirely happy with this program, just click “refund” and you’ll get every penny back. You have nothing to lose

P.P.P.S. I understand that you may have many apprehensions concerning EFT. Honestly, I did too…but the best decision I’ve ever made was to start tapping…My life has been irrevocably changed for the better and I would love nothing more than to offer you the same opportunity.

P.P.P.P.S. A lot of people have asked me if this works for smokeless tobacco users too. The answer is ABSOLUTELY. With EFT, you have the power to quickly and permanently change any habit in your life.



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