Dec 30

How To Post A Comment on the Blog

On the blog, we use the IntenseDebate plugin.  It is a great plugin for allowing commenting on your blog. Since I’m a huge Twitter and Facebook fan. Anything that lets me use these facilities, I’m already on board.

It also allows you, the reader to post as a Guest.  Although personally I wish you would sign in with one of the available options. Face to Face is still the way forward.

How To Post as A Guest

At the bottom of a post you’ll see the following.

How To Comment as a Guest on

Just write your comment, fill the fields for your:

  1. Name
  2. Email Address
  3. Your website or Blog address if you have one

Then hit the Submit Comment button.

How To Post using Twitter

I use twitter a lot. I think it is great.  You can sign in and post a comment using your twitter user name and password. If you don’t have one, go here.

Twitter ButtonClick on the twitter button

The following will appear :


Input your twitter user name and password. Press the Allow Button. You’ll be sent back to .

You’ll now see the following:


Write your comment. You can also post your comment to Twitter as well.

Hit the Submit Comment Button. When done, press the Logout Button : Twitterlogout

That’s it.

Comment Moderation

Please note, all comments are sent to a moderator to prevent comment spamming etc.

Wait For The Admin

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Dec 28

What is the Future For EFT and Emotional Freedom Techniques ?

What is the future for EFT?

Since Gary Craig announced his retirement on I’ve been wondering what is the future for Emotional Freedom Techniques and the EFT community at large?

I am pretty new to EFT and its community. Yet, the out pouring of help and friendliness has been astounding. Especially on twitter. I’m loving my journey and so are others that I’ve already introduced and taught the Emotional Freedom Techniques to.  However, I already fear for its future.  I already see the fragmentation of a great community and its learning resources.  I’m from an NLP and hypnosis background.  This looks very familiar.


NLP was the child of Richard Bandler and John Grinder. These two for years had a spat.  NLP and its community was divided.  There were questions over the future of NLP, what should or should not be taught and how it should be taught.  It even came down to who actually created NLP. Who will lead the EFT community now?  There are some recognised big players that I think we all know.  There are also many, many smaller players.  Everybody has something important to add to the EFT community and EFT’s skill and technique development.

Although EFT had its beginnings from other techniques and technologies. Gary codified the essence into something simple and easy that we have all been able to easily learn and apply to our lives and those of others.  He developed and galvanised the EFT community into what it is today.  Who wants to take that mantle now?…ME for one!  I certainly want to play my part. Watch this space for more info.

Associations and Trainings

The NLP and hypnosis community is full of schools, academies, experts and ‘governing bodies’ who hand out qualifications as if they are going out of fashion.  If you’re any good, people send you their qualifications in the post.  There are ‘universities’ of hypnosis.  Yet, they are not real universities.  It seems very easy, certainly in the UK and the US to set yourself up as a school, academy, institute or training body.  Each town or state has its own school of hypnosis it seems. Is this the route that we want EFT to go?

If you are in private practice,you must have public liability insurance.  Yet, no government is taking a leading role in how EFT, hypnosis et al, should be taught or governed.  We have to become our own police.  I certainly don’t want creativity and EFT’s future development skill and development to be stifled.

What makes one person able to teach over another? What makes one person an expert?  For me, it is not pieces of paper.  It is a willingness to do and a confidence.  That is far more important that a certificate. Yet, this is one to ask you clients – why did you choose me over another EFT practioner?

Will all future school and bodies gather together to come up with a recognised curriculum and maybe a certificate?  Yet, what real value will it hold?  Or will everybody go hell or leather and we’ll see who survives? I’m belittling any qualifications that you may have, yet this seems all very “schoolish”. Go to school, get a qualification, get a good paying job. I just don’t think that doctrine applies much any more.  Yet, many of us, still spout it as law.

Skills and Techniques

There are the basics of EFT which I believe we all know. They will remain so. Not everybody has seen Gary’s DVDs.  Yes, they are a great training aid. I hope that they stay around, so that we can enjoy them into the future. I’m sure others, myself included will produce our own training DVDs and other material.  For me there are so many things missing or, I’ve yet to find others whom talk, produce or blog about what I think could and can be added to EFT to advance it.

Where to hang out now?

As you will notice, this blog is very,very new. Less than a week old.  It is not the finished article by a long shot. Yet I just had to get this out. Content  and discussion is far more important that design.

I want to know your opinion.  There is the newly created forums, found here. It is a slow start,but we will wait and sees if it is successful. I was already thinking to add my own forum section on this blog before I started it. Yet, I’ll hold onto that idea for the time being.  It is easier enough to add it if you the reader wants it.

The Future of EFT

One thing that seems to not have happened is, nobody is asking what do you want the future of EFT and its community to be like?  We are at a cross roads for EFT and its community.  We all, no matter how big or how small, whatever your level of involvement with EFT have something very important to contribute to EFT and its future.

For me there are several things I’d like to see coming to the community in the future.

A World EFT day –  If you are in the community and have had personal success. EFT is all you think about. Yet, nobody else knows about it, or actually really cares.  EFT is just a tool to solve a presenting issue.  Clients and you don’t care as long as your problem or issue is resolved.  It’s time we raised or continued to raise its profile to the general public.  A date needs to be selected so that it EFT can be easily applied to things going on year on year.

A live EFT World Summit or Conference – Yes, there was the recent virtual EFT World Summit. I do believe we could have a ‘live’ event.  With today’s technology it would be very easy to make the live version, go virtual so those that could not travel, could still participate.

Over to you, please comment below.

What do you think is the future of EFT?

How do you want EFT and its community to evolve from here?

What is missing?

Happy Travels, oh and welcome to!


Changing the World, One Tap At A Time

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Nov 30

Is EFT a Scam or Real?

Is eft real

How do you explain to somebody that EFT is real and works?

When I’m asked is EFT Real. I stand there in disbelieve, gaup and wonder how can YOU not think that it is real? Have you not noticed the change in me?

If they have not, I think I have more changing to do. Are you expecting a certain result by doing EFT and when that happenings you’ll know it works and that you have changed?

I have no doubt in my mind that EFT is real and works for me and many others.


I think people really ask this question because they are wondering, will it work for ME?

Yes, Yes, Yes.

The problem is a new EFTer don’t know that it will.


  1. EFT isn’t something you can buy in a supermarket.
  2. EFT isn’t ever going to be discovered by everybody.
  3. EFT isn’t going to be done by everybody.
  4. Natural self doubt that it will work or that you’re allowed to change.

Things don’t exist but we trust and believe in them.

  1. The wind is not something you see or can hold, but we all know it exists.
  2. Most of use believe in something called God, the universe, something bigger than use. It’s written In God We Trust on the dollar.
  3. All the money in the world physically does not exist, but we believe it to be there are real.

Yes, there are case studies that prove that EFT works and is real. There are also cases studies that prove it is not as effective as I think it is. This scenario is possible with everything.  Read about the observer effect.

I believe EFT is something you have to experience and notice for yourself.

Quick Fix

You know I love my Champagne moments. Yet not everybody will get these straight off the bat.

Even though EFT doesn’t work and I’ll never experience a Champagne moment. I accept all of me anyway.

Why Is It Not Working?

Much of the time newcomers stop too early in their EFT journey and before it has had a dramatic impact on and in their life. EFT’s effects can be quick and cumulative at the same time.

You’re not doing a full and complete round of EFT. Then you’ll wonder why it does not work.

When you do EFT, you’re expecting a certain outcome. There are many ways to get your outcome and result.

You are afraid to admit what you are really feeling or wanting in your life.

Even though I’m afraid to admit what I’m really feeling and I don’t know why, I deeply and completely love, forgive and accept myself.

Even thought I’m afraid to confront my real feelings for whatever reason. I love and accept all of me.

How Much Does Belief Have To Play?

One of the first things to tap on is:

Even though this EFT doesn’t work or I don’t think it will work. I’m willing for this change to happen.

I think belief does have a role to play in EFT. In as much as, it will keep you tapping when you don’t want to and nothing seems to be happening.

Do EFT for 30 days on everything and many times a day, then we’ll discuss whether EFT doesn’t work.

EFT works all the time.

If you’re not getting the results you deserve and want, let me know. We’re all here to help each other.

How do you explain EFT to others?

Happy Travels


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