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Can I Use EFT To Attract More Money?

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When I ask people what do they want from EFT or what can I give them? I want to know how people want to use EFT. One of the biggest areas people want to change in their lives with EFT is money. It normally comes in the form of I want more money. This obviously presupposes that they currently don’t have enough money for what they want.  If I give you a penny. You now have more money. Job Done. But, is that what you meant?  I doubt it.

Now, I’m not going to kid you. Money is a very emotive area. Getting it, making it, winning it, attracting it, keeping it brings up a lot of stuff for people. Most of it is ‘false’. Yet, boy do we all believe what our family, friends, the media, education, religion etc. tell us about money. Money itself doesn’t have any value. It is us that gives money its value. Money is all about beliefs.

When it comes to money, is it the money that you want? Or is it what the money will give you? These are two very different things. Many of us think I can only get X if I have the money to buy it. This isn’t true, yet that is how many of us think.

I think you need to open your thesaurus and look up the word money. Some call it cash, wonga, money, dollars and sense, wealth, abundance,debt, dough, payday, currency, sales, bonus. Each of these words can mean the same thing, yet their emotional response within you can be very different. When a bill comes in do you go yahoo! Thanks for keeping me warm and safe or thanks for that great experience I’ve just been able to have and purchase?

When you say I have more than enough money for everything I want need and desire. How does it feel compared to I have more than enough cash for everything I want need or desire?

Some areas to tap on are:


What were your family stories about money? Did you parents like rich people? Did money cause arguments in your family? Are you afraid to earn more than your parents? What videos, films television do you like watching? Do they have good rich role models? When you get the money that you want. Then what? How do you think your family and friends will react? Will they be happy for you?  Do you have to work for money or is it OK to be given or win it? Are you able to start your own business? Not do you have the knowledge, but can you start?

One of the rounds that really helped me was: Even though I’m looking for his approval. I deeply and completely love forgive and accept myself.


When you’re tapping for more money. Get specific. How much will make a difference? When you start getting specific, it really brings up your stuff. That is good. You know EFT, so you don’t have to sit there and suffer. Go over your vision board if you have one. Start really tapping out your blocks.

Compare Against Others

Many of us don’t realize that you actually are rich, if you compare yourself to the rest of the world. Yet we tend to compare ourselves with our friends, neighbours, celebrities etc. Who is this really helping? Do you want to stand out from the crowd? Do you believe you can or are allowed to?

Worthy and Deserving

This perhaps is the biggest area you can tap on. Do you feel worthy and deserving of having lots and lots of money? Even though i don’t feel worthy and deserving of having lots and lots of money. I chose to let this belief go as it no longer serves me.

One of my biggest Champagne moments was with money. I tapped on the following: Even though there must be something wrong with me and money. I deeply and completely love forgive and accept myself?

Do you believe you can make, attract and accept more money? Do you like holding on to money?

Comfort Zones

As you earn, receive more money you will ‘hit’ your own financial comfort zone. Tapping continually on money will clear your own negative thoughts and beliefs about money. As you do so, your having money comfort zone will rise. Thus you’ll be getting more money. I’m constantly tapping on my own beliefs about money, having, getting and receiving. Why? I’m not at the level of cash that I want yet. Therefore the block must be within me somewhere. Yet, as I tap, my own level of money is steadily rising, so something must be happening. Tap on Even though I don’t feel comfortable having lots of money. I choose to le this belief go as it no longer serves me.

Money Habits

Do you have certain money patterns? When you get a bill what do you do? When money is talked about on television, do you switch channels? When you make a sale or it’s payday. Do you magically spend it or does something just happen so that you have to spend the exact amount that you just received?

Now I put together EFT:The Science of Getting Rich to help me clear my own money blocks. Check it out!

I’m currently playing around with a new tapping phrase format. The early signs are very encouraging. It’s having and had a directly positive affect on my bottom line. I’m really testing it right now. Once I’ve got it down pat and some really ‘big’ noticeable aha and results. I’ll you know more. Although I’m happy where I am and how it is going. I want more!

If you’ve some great rounds for money and cash. I’d love to hear them.

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