Jun 13

What’s Your Most Powerful EFT Experience?

Wow, what a week.

To say I’ve been through an emotional upheaval and one hell of a week would be an understatement.

Firstly I had a funeral, which actually was a brilliant occasion.

Then later in the week I had a “emotional fallout” in the office. To say I caused it would again be an understatement. As much as I’d like to blame everybody, and part of me still would. No, I caused it. After a weekend of on and off tapping(ish), wallowing in my own self pity and emotional baggage. I did have a really good calming down experience which was directly related to my tapping. Amazing.

It came to Monday and the fallout because of my previous week actions really started.

Similarly to being at school and being told off for not remembering to do your homework the punishment was much less severe than what I had been playing out in my mind – phew.

Somebody rightly pointed out that I tend to be a “fair weather” tapper. My life is pretty ace, so actually I don’t need to do tapping for the “serious stuff”. I’m pretty much on a even keel most of the time. I often only tap on things when I’m good. Heck my life is good. Ergo, why go looking for stuff that isn’t there?

Anyhow, this week, since Monday in the office. I’ve been tapping pretty much nonstop for 7 hours+.

Sometimes I’d quietly say my setup phrase out loud. Yet since I was right in the middle of the upheaval. I felt there was no need to do so. 42 hours later and although I still very sorry for myself. I actually turned around and said my stock turn of phrase. “Everything happens for a positive reason”. Monday or the previous weekend. There was no way I would have even contemplated thinking or saying that.

The interesting thing has been my emotional spikes that have happened. Everything is ‘fine’ that whoosh, it’s like I’ve had a needle stuck into my chest – ouch. I’m still tapping. Yet, whilst out one night I had what I called my Matrix Experience. I’ve never thought or felt what was to come. For whatever reason I wrote down everything that was coming in my stream of consciousness. I thought I’d let you read it. I’ve tarted it up, corrected the spelling etc. Yet, it pretty much remains intact.

Non of the below you have to agree with. It’s was just my consciousness streaming out. There is some profanity – if you don’t like it I suggest you stop reading.

Post EFT – light bulb moment? The power of tapping?

 I didn’t want to admit I caused it all. But I knew I had to. “Fucking hell”…bollocks.

Oneness is a man-made idea.

Most animals don’t pair off for life.

Religion – 1 god, son, monogamy.

School – 1 job, 1 collective idea of being poor following the herd.

Being and staying poor is a man-made idea and belief.

Not going against the grain is a man-made idea.

Being the same is a man-made idea and belief.

Not being rich is a man-made idea. Nature always is abundant and never runs out. This we never run out. If we appear to nature changes what is important. We never run out of anything even if we appear to.

Being greedy is just a man-made idea .

Being poor is just a man-made idea that I’ve bought into just to keep me poor and still/stuck.

What if it wasn’t that way at all and I just bought into it so much that’s what I believed?

Thus that’s how I acted to fulfil the belief? What if it wasn’t true? What or would or should I believe instead?

What belief would have the opposite effect on me? And my abundance? How wold things then be different, how quickly would they/things change?

What would. Be the end result on my finances and beliefs? What if it all has been a lie and I’ve believed it? How would things be different? How different things would be? 

What do I want to believe instead? What should I believe in to create the results and life I want? What if it’s all been a lie? What if it’s all wrong? What if I’ve been wrong and bought into it all? What do I want to believe in instead? 

What would I want to belief in instead? What should I belief in instead? Now – what should I believe in? What would make the difference? How quickly would I notice and want to notice? 

I’ve let go of a lot. A lot of stuff I didn’t even know I had – now what? What do I do now? What happens now? 

What if it’s all a lie – so what?

People will challenge you – why? Oneness 🙂 – stay with the collective – amazing 

What if it’s all a lie? People are walking around and don’t even know it – totally blind/oblivious to the fact of coercion. Amazing! 

Bloody fucking brilliant. I fucking love it – thank you so much for this insight. 

Statistics are just ideas we buy into. Lottery statistics are just man made ideas and beliefs made real. It’s just not real. What if you believed something totally different and true? 

What if they weren’t true either? What would you believe? 

Lottery winning beliefs are harder still – lol lol. wow amazing. Why? Another belief I’ve bought into? 


What if it wasn’t true and believed and felt I could win or something totally different – amazing believing and understanding maybe even clarity? 

What do I want to do now? What should I do now? What do people; I, expect of me now – amazing – what if it’s not true? Amazing 

Qualifications- man-made. 

Next day on the train going to the office

Staying poor and fitting in are man-made ideas.

Who says you’re greedy and why? mmm – collective oneness

So, now what? 

Everybody on the tube seems to be in a daze. A hypnotic trance of some kind and they don’t even know it or care? Do they not realise? Do they not want to be different? Do they not want to change, be different, and have a better life? Have they accepted there lot? And given up? 

What if it’s all a lie? They’ve all accepted it and are prepared to live with it? What a load of bollocks, come on people you’re worth so much more than this. You can do so much more than this. You’re worth so much more than this. You deserve so much more than this. Isn’t it about time you started living more than this? Do you not want to change or at least challenge the status quo? What if it’s all been a lie? Fucking hell. 

What have I been doing with my life? Now what? What happens from here on in? 

They’re all just trundling off to work like robots, good little people. Well done you. 

If you try and explain it, people will challenge it. i.e. if you don’t go to work and get paid then what? Ta-da collective oneness. 

So what if you don’t go to work and get paid then what? How will you “collective” survive – meet the masses. 

I still want to blame everybody else. 

Friday – Whilst sat in a meeting

What positive, life enhancing beliefs would I like to buy into?

What would I rather but into?

How easily do you buy back into things?

How do I stop myself from sliding back?

Now what?

So there you have it.

Another bonus, I tapped on some really important ‘subjects’ or emotional areas which I’ll be sharing later. Also, I think I may have stumbled on a tapping sequence that might just blow your socks off. – See, everything does happen for a positive reason.

So I ask you, what has been your most powerful tapping experience? Comment below.

Happy Days


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    • Donald Spaulding on September 9, 2012 at 19:38
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    Believe it EFT works.
    you haven’t bought into nothing.
    the message was interesting, what did you mean?
    I just returned from the clinic and now have a complete OK
    for my health,am working on that and find that it works every time.
    thanks for writeing and
    Have a Great Day.
    Donald Spaulding

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