Nov 20

EFT – How Safe Is Your Life Without It?


How safe is your life without EFT?

Do you just want to lurch from year to year, yet older yes, but not getting any closer to the things or people that you want?

Do you still get angry with people at work?

Do you still get bored at work?

Do you wish your life was life was more fulfilled?

Do you wish bank balance was in credit, let alone large?

Do you wish you didn’t wake up in pain every day?

Do you wish you didn’t wake up every morning worrying about money?

Do you wish you felt more fulfilled and complete as a human being?

Do you wish you were just happier?

Do you wish you could learn what you needed to learn so that your life didn’t suck so much?

Do you wish you could learn what you needed to learn so that you weren’t angry all the time?

Do you wish you weren’t afraid of success?

Do you wish you weren’t afraid of losing everything, maybe not for the first time?

Do you wish you were more like somebody else?

Do you wish you didn’t get angry or jealous at the television?

Do you wish you didn’t hate rich people?

Do you wish you didn’t hate thin or fat people?

Do you wish you didn’t hate scroungers?

Do you wish you got support like everybody else on benefit?

If you didn’t have the wherewithal to change you wouldn’t be reading this post?  Do you want to be stuck for the rest of your life, wondering what if? Are you happy being stuck? Are you happy with your life?

I doubt it, that’s why you’re here right?

If you want to stay stuck, leave the page, now.  Thanks for visiting I really appreciate it.  Otherwise read on. So what to do now?

If you don’t know what EFT tapping is start here with my blog post on What is EFT?

If you don’t know how to fit tapping into your daily life. Read the following blog post on how to do EFT.

COMMIT to doing EFT on a daily basis in the beginning.  Success with EFT takes a little practice.  Read here how to do EFT everyday.

Then you need to get started and put tapping into practice.

Following a recent discovery I think your first week should be tapping on your own fears.  In my experience, this perhaps has had the most bang for my buck in raising my overall happiness the quickest.

Commit to reading the following I’m too afraid EFT scripts.  These are only examples which have worked for me: EFT-I’m Afraid and You Are Too and EFT – I’m Still Afraid.  I suggest you tap on being afraid for the next 7 days daily.  If you can which I know you can do more than one tapping on I’m Afraid in a day – do it.  Isn’t it about time your owed it to yourself and fully committed to changing your life, your thoughts, your feelings, your actions and ultimately:


That’s it for now, Be sure to check back with this post as I’ll be adding to it over the next few weeks.

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