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I’ve lived all over the world. I’ve met some amazing people.  I went to boarding school.  As puberty hit, all the other school kids when up and out,I seemed to go down and in.  I certainly was not the brightest, according to my grades, kid in the school.  I was told by my teacher I would be lucky to go to university.  He was right!  Or did I prove him right?  I was never the star of the family.  As I would say it, when the **** hit the fan, that is when they would come to me.

Anyway, at university I discovered NLP. Having just scrapped in ( I should not have gone!).  I thought there must be an easier way to study and get better grades in less time.  I got my heart broken, whilst there.  My graduation present to myself was going on an NLP course.  I loved it.  I had some pretty spectacular emotional releases.  I studied and applied NLP mostly to myself.. Yet I still was not happy.
I then went on and studied more and more hypnosis.  Again, with some incredible results.   I tried Huna, Reki and a whole bunch of other stuff.  I would always be looking for the next big emotional release.
All the books I was reading or listening to were telling me I was capable of anything, if I wanted it.  I visualised, I wrote down my goals, created multiple vision boards, and converted them into my own vision movies.

Yet, now matter what I did.  I just didn’t seem to be getting the big stuff that I wanted and deep down, some how I knew I could get all that I wanted.  If not, why would I keep thinking  about it and all that I wanted.
I worked in London.  Had a ball!  Yet, there was so much negative chatter going on inside my head.  How I slept I don’t know.
I quit work and travelled for a year, bliss!  Then I came back to the daily slog in an office, working for somebody else.  This bored me.  It even made me angry.  I was not challenged.  When I did a good job I did not feel recognised.  Others seemed to take the credit, yet I did the work.  Does any of this sound familiar to you?

I knew I must be capable of getting all that I wanted.  I kept thinking about it all so much.  Then after several mentions of the word EFT.  I had and used all of these other techniques, yet I was still feeling stuck and unhappy.  I could not shift what ever it was that I was feeling.  I never remembered feeling like this as a child.  Yet, those all those around me would tell you I was happy.  Being miserable does take a lot of effort!

I was eventually given a recording of Brad Yates on how to attract a new car, by releasing all your negative emotion with this thing called EFT.  I did not have a Champagne moment, which I remember.  Yet, something in me, found this technique called EFT really easy and simple.  No induction needed. No spare 30 minutes required to relax and focus.  No language patterns to learn.

This sent me on a mission.  I found everything that I could about EFT. I listened and watched oh so many people THANKS TO ALL!   I am still on the look out for EFT material.  Since EFT is literally in its most basic form:

Even though I …………………, I deeply and completely love, forgive and accept myself anyway.

I loved it.  I was having little releases of negative energy.  Every time somebody suggested a setup and reminder phrase. I tapped along to it, even if I didn’t have the supposed issue, which was being tapped upon.  It had come to me for a reason.  I would get my Champagne moments on the most unexpected things.  I had no idea.

Some of my Champagne moments have been.

  • Leaving the comfort of working for somebody else and starting my own business.
  • Realising that I was always trying to please my parents, even when I didn’t realise that is what I was trying to do.  Always looking for their approval.
  • Having an Internet business and success beyond my wildest dreams.  Exploding my financial success beyond what even I thought was possible for me.
  • Learning foreign languages easily, quickly and with much more confidence and comfort..
  • Leaving the family home and living in ‘Wilkie Towers’.
  • Improving my eye sight after spending many hours sat in front of a laptop screen.
  • Attracting a piano, cars, 3 holidays a year into my life and more.
  • Living around the world, when I want and how I want, with the people I want.
  • Only visiting the doctor at most 4 days a year, if that.  Quite often I’d not go in a single year.
  • Finding my life’s purpose.  That was really a surprise how that revealed itself to me.
  • My biggest and most surprising Champagne moment so far was letting go of hurt from a relationship, that finished over 12 years ago!

Even though I thought I had dealt with it all.  I was in a pub (bar).  I did no tapping at all. I was talking to friends. I said I never want to be hurt like that again and whoosh.. my body knew how to get rid myself of that negative emotion instantly, without any tapping from me.

I’ve really enjoyed teaching others about EFT and hearing about how what I have shown them has had a positive impact on their lives and those around them.

I absolutely love hearing about other’s success when and how they have applied EFT to there own life.

If you have a story to tell or your very own Champagne moment.  Please write to me or send a video  and let me known all about it.

Happy Travels


Changing The World, One Tap At a Time

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